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VII. Conference of the Association of General Practice/ Family Medicine of Southeast Europe (AGP/FM SEE)

16 – 19 June

N. Macedonia

VII. Conference of Association of general practice/family medicine of South – East Europe (AGP/FMSEE)

“General/family medicine as part of health care”


Distinguished Colleagues,Distinguished Guests and Dear friends,

On behalf of the Association of General Practitioners/Family Medicine of Association,on behalf of the Association of General and family Medicine of R.N.Macedonia,in the name Scientific and Organizing Committee,we present a special honor and pleasure,to invite you to the 7-th Conference of the Association,which will be held in Ohrid,a UNESCO city,from 16 – 19 June 2022,at the “Metropol”hotel.

The Conference in 2020 was postponed due to the pandemic with Covid – 19.We think that by June 2022,we will be more relaxed,hoping that the pandemic will subside,which will create conditions for its maintenance. Building on the success of the Associantion’s previous conferences and congresses and following innovations and insights in Europe and the World,as well as collaborating with WONCA Europe and WONCA World and other Associations,the Conference Scientific and Organizing Committee of the Conference wishes the family and general doctors,to the Association and the presents guests,to enable them to feel the unique approaches with their colleagues and to establish new professional contacts,exchange experiences between the most famous experts in the field of general/family medicine as well as solve problems that bother us all.

The motto of this Conference is “General/Family Medicine as part of health care”and we aim to give the opportunity to all our members and international friends from SEE and beyond to discuss and debate the latest medical and scientific information,treatment and care in the field of general/family medicine and the priority will be COVID – 19 and the role of the general/family family doctor in this pandemic.

The Conference will be attended by invited guests and lecturers,professors and doctors of practice from different countries of SEE and beyond which will enable the exchange of experiences and ideas,going new friendships and communications,primarily focused on common interests in the field of family medicine,its role in the health system in resolving the Covid – 19 pandemic and aimed at its further perspectives,development as well as its role in the future and its place in the health system.

We hope that together we will enjoy the magical atmosphere of Ohrid and the organizer will do his best to satisfy the guests and bring back fond memories that will remain in their lasting memory and the stay in Ohrid will be unforgettable.

The city Ohrid offers a mixture of history,culture and natural beauty,all spiced with the most delicious traditional cuisine and the famous Ohrid trout should not be forgotten.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ohrid from June 16 – 19 2022.

Organizing and Scientific Committee of the Conference

Conference topics

Chronic non-communicable diseases in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Cardiovascular diseases and Covid-19
  • Hypertension arterialis and Covid -19
  • Diabetes mellitus and Covid-19
  • Dyslipidemias
Respiratory diseases and Covid – 19
  • Asthma and Covid – 19
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and Covid – 19
  • Use of antibiotics in respiratory infections in conditions of Covid – 19
Menthal health of general/family doctors in conditions of Covid-19
Treatment of Covid – 19 and Long-term Covid
Telemedicine with patients with Covid – 19
Free topics
Round tables
  • Covid immunization.Barriers and challenges.
  • The impact of Covid – 19 in the organization of Primary health care(PHC).What will remain permanently in the work after Covid – 19?

About Ohrid

Ohrid with its natural,cultural,spiritual and historical characteristics,is the most developed tourist and cultural center,not only in R.N.Macedonia but also un the Balkans and beyond in Europe. These values were recognized by the world,so that Ohrid and Lake Ohrid,many years ago they were inscribed on the UNESCO list as a rare cultural and natural heritage. A real rarity is the claim of the world scientific community that Ohrid has more than 7000 years of continuous life,and the measures of civilizations are noticeable in over 250 archeological sites discovered so far.




The venue of the Conference is the hotel complex “Metropol”

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