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VII. Conference of the Association of General Practice/ Family Medicine of Southeast Europe (AGP/FM SEE)

Abstract submission

“General/family medicine as part of health care”

Guide for abstract structure

Abstract structure
FontTimes New Roman
Arrange(Line spacing)Single
Max Words350

Guidelines for submitting abstracts

  1. The abstracts are sent in Macedonian or English as a World document.Each abstract is sent separately.
  2. The title is written in capital letters,in bold,without abreviations.
  3. The author is written with full surname, then the first letter of the name, without title, in italic. Underline the name of the autor.
  4. Maximum of 2 abstracts are allowed for first time authors.
  5. Write institution, city, country and e-mail.
  6. The abstract form contains: Introduction, Objective, Material and methods, Results. Don’t use a new paragraph for every chapter, just write every title with capital letters.
  7. Write the manner of your presentation: Spoken or Poster. The dimensions of the poster for the panel is 1×1 meter.
  8. The title of the abstract should not contain more than 20 words.
  9. The abstract should not contain more than 350 words.

The scientific committee reserves the right to determine the manner of presentation.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is APRIL 30, 2022

The time to report that the abstract has been received is MAY 15, 2022

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